Try as I may

I just cannot dance

To the beat of your drum

I'm always out of time

(Originally Posted 08.03.2019)


16 thoughts on “Practice

          1. Yay!!! Awesome.

            So you wear glasses, but are a rock-loving little dynamo on the drums! Too good 😄. You best have coloured hair and tattoos!

            I can certainly imagine it would be good for the soul— I’d LOVE to try drumming, I think I have good rhythm :D. I’m often tapping feet/hands in different rhythms to songs. And as an outlet for aggressive energies too, would be so amazing.

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            1. Ach, I gave up on the (crazily) coloured hair a while ago now but the tatts – well, they are here for life!

              Yes, you should definitely give drumming a go. You don’t have to go all in to begin with. Just get a couple of wooden spoons and a pillow and you’re set! 😁

              It’s great for relaxation, aggression and tends to suit folks on the spectrum too! 👍🖤🖤

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                1. Who knew I was so transparent lol! 🤣

                  Ach, I’ve a fair few practice pads about the house so a hell of a lot easier with them 👍

                  And yes, we’re a bit of a crazy breed at times! 😁😉🖤

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                  1. God, so much stuff exists in the world now 😆. I didn’t know those practice pads existed. But I’m confused about what you can practice with them. The harder part of drumming to me seemed to be using legs and cymbals etc. at the same time. And it’s hard to imagine how drumming could be satisfying without any sound feedback lol.

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                    1. Yes, the sound feedback is for sure the most satisfying aurally.

                      And you can get all kinds of practice pads / pedals / electronic kits to practice co-ordinated play without the associated noise.

                      The single practice pads are more for building (and maintaining) skills and strength – particularly for solo drummers.

                      For me I find the patterns – and concentration required to master them – quite meditative so the gain is being able to use the pads anytime / anywhere without having to use the whole kit.

                      Or something like that anyway.
                      It’s kinda hard to explain lol 😁🖤

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                    2. Ohh, no that really helped to understand it 🙂 thanks! It actually occurred to me that electronic kits must exist too, then I saw your comment.

                      Yeah I can really imagine it must be meditative! I think if I start drumming on anything at the moment, I’m going to get stabbed 😐. I’ve already had somebody trying to enter my room twice, because now there’s a housemate above me they get to hear all the noises like vacuuming and cooking which I make in here, at all hours. I’m only playing by their rules :). I now have my insurance hatchet within easy reach, like when I was living in car 😆.

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                    3. Yeah, I think maybe keep drumming for when you’ve moved out lol! 😉

                      That’s not good about folks trying to get into your room though – for lots of reasons! Sooner you’re out of there the better 👍👍🖤


  1. well said; that’s the trouble, isn’t it? we all march to different drums — yet it amazes me how some couples spend their whole lives together; I don’t get it? am I envious? probably

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