The broadband

Isn’t the only unstable connection

In this house

32 thoughts on “Reset

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      1. Tell me, all along I’ve pictured you in my mind as a he. From comments of others and your work I’m beginning to think I’m wrong and you’re are a she…..sorry I can’t ask privately as you don’t provide a contact email…..

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        1. I am indeed a she my friend 😁

          Not that I have any qualms about being thought of as a male writer – if I did I would make my identity more explicit on my blog I guess.

          I think there is an email attached to my gravatar – not that I’m ever very sure who (if anyone) clicks on these things.

          Either way you’re always welcome to reach me at



      1. They keep making changes and telling me how great they are, but they don’t work well for me. I’ve just created a second workaround, but it’s more difficult than the previous one.

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