It Always Worked Before

Whether it’s from

The scars on my arms

Or from the words

That I have written

I think it may be best

If I take a rest

And go back

To keeping them hidden


I scythe these words

Across the page

To allow my pain to flow

I find it leaves

Much less of a scar

Than some other ways I know

(Originally Posted 05.01.2021)

16 thoughts on “It Always Worked Before

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                  1. You’re fucking kidding!! TWO goats. That’s insane.

                    Oh wait with mine I literally meant the same day lol the same year too! I don’t think you’re as old as Nigel Mansell? Much less young as Roger Federer 😱😱😱.

                    Well it’s true what they say, a true summer makes a goat!! 🐐🐐

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                    1. Haha! Definitely! 😁

                      No Nigel Mansell is way older than me but, interestingly enough, I found out I’m actually one year older than Roger Federer. Who knew lol πŸ˜‚ πŸ–€

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