So it’s another birthday

And what a day it has been

If I’d have known last year

What I know now

I would have jacked it all in

But I suppose now it’s time

At this ripe old age

And much to my chagrin

To find a way of moving forward

And discover the strength within

7 thoughts on “08.08

  1. ….I ‘was’ going to say………”and beyond” but wasn’t sure you’d correlate it to BuzzLightYear……yeah…..if not…you do now??? Welcome another BornDay!

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      1. Was such a cute movie until they showed you the hidden messages to be found…f*ckers!! lol….hahaha…..Tension is so high in this house might as well hear a ‘buzz’ going on. Glad the weekend is encroaching!! 🙂 Hope u were able to spend your born day the way you’d like!!

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