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  1. I remember telling someone close to me that “if we weren’t related I wouldn’t be your friend” this poem reminds me of that. You love them but you don’t like them so you deal with it but it creates distance.

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  2. I might be too simplistic guy, but what in the world is the first commentator said that you love a person but you don’t like them? Don’t get it. I don’t expect anyone to explain it to me, I just know that if you love someone you like certain things of them and others not. But you do like. If not out the window and there are more fishes in the sea.

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    1. I can try to explain. I love my, someone, but I don’t like like them… like a brother that you would die for, but don’t exactly want to hang around with. Does that help?

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      1. That does, I served in the army and deployed. With a lot of guys I couldn’t give a s…t about them when being in our own country (Spain) and hanging out with them to have drinks or food or just hang out socially with. But when deployed we would literally put our lives in danger for each one of us because it was our job our duty. So I guess is sort of like the brother, it is your job-duty to take care of him. Not always though, I don’t know the 3 uncles I have and the rest of their siblings, so that tells you that one of my family member isnΒ΄t to fond of them and viceversa. So I guess it would be a case by case .

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