Two Sides

I lie
in your bed
and I lie
to your face.

I am
a public fraud
and a private

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    1. That’s very kind of you – thank you for your encouragement. I’ve been a little blindsided by a darker day than usual today so it’s a comfort to think that my words still make some kind of sense and that it’s not just me that struggles with these things… 🖤


      1. Ofcourse not, we all go through struggles, some struggles of people are tougher than other ones but it is still a strugle. Life is a strugle, so I just keep the chin up and keep on waking up at 7 a.m. And most of the times with a smile on the face.
        A great poem by the way, well written and powerful.

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  1. I knew as one who had lied to my face for 5 yrs after he maliciously stole my only means of sustaining my small family. His lies didn’t sting as much as the false care and shoulder he’d offer to let me cry on [for the damage he created in my life] ……to whom I never suspected it had been him that whole time. The masks of protection of your own nature is no fraud…those whom wear them to deceive & manipulate & continue to use others are the flaws in their character…..I hope you are not of the ladder much love.


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