I’m Here All Day…

of the

And I
of bed

I wish
I could
I am
ill or


9 thoughts on “I’m Here All Day…

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  1. Aw 💙. I was awake most of the night instead, because my body clock was so messed up again from the noise, not feeling able to relax. I only got up at 3.30pm yesterday, which sucked, so it took me until midnight to get motivated to do anything. Then I finally fell asleep easily at 7, but was supposed to be up for 9 to be somewhere for 11, so I’ve missed that! Now I’m trying to write this whilst suffering from the passing cars…which are numerous because it’s a saturday. Urgh!!! It’s making me very angry and irritated and agitated.

    If I can make you laugh today at least, I will 😉.

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  2. I can relate to that, don´t know what the name is exactly, depressed? I don´t know, although I do have a tendency to be like that for even a week and then suddenly up and running, kind of weird I know

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      1. Everyone is different I know that one, can you please stop with the black hearts and if you don´t stop can you tell me how in the fuck you get that emoji or whatever people call those things

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        1. Haha!! 😁 But it wouldn’t be me without the black heart!! It’s become my trademark now!
          I’m not sure how you get it – mine is just in the emoji list (which I get by pressing the smiley face on the keypad) on my phone… 😉🖤

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