13 Replies to “Precision”

  1. Oh man, this is hard-hitting!

    I can only imagine how effective writing these kinds of things is/was for therapy! This one is so dark because the reality it describes is itself hard enough to stomach, and also suggests a metaphor for something like a serial killer. But going back to its original meaning, and actually imagining having these thoughts, just makes me want to give you or anybody else who’s had them a hug!!

    I made friends with somebody last year who had scars from cutting. I’d satisfied myself that they were sufficiently historical, but then they did it again. It was heartbreaking, I gave them a lot of support at the time, but they haven’t wanted to see or talk to me since November. They’re still doing ok. I did everything I could to help them, talked about it and the underlying problems, but I was shocked to see that other people once they noticed the (fresh) scars, kept very silent about it. That was heartbreaking too.

    Out of curiosity: how much did you write historically, vs writing in the present? How many of these were ‘notes in margins’? I’m not making assumptions about whether any of these are historical or present, btw. Just asking since I know at least some were historical writings! And I’m curious πŸ˜„. πŸ’™


    1. Thank you so much for checking Mt friend, I’m doing OK.
      This one wasn’t written in real time.

      I know I can freak folks out sometimes – which I don’t mean to do – so I apologise if I spooked you.

      You’re very kind to reach out though – that does mean a lot to me πŸ–€

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      1. Ah, I see. That’s tough for you both.
        I’m sorry if my post triggered anything for you.

        I have toyed with the idea of putting somekind of warning on the more darker self harm/suicide poems that I write – but I’ve always decided against.

        I just have to hope that I can have the conversation with regular readers – and / or those kind enough to contact me such as yourself – to say that those are not, on the whole, posted in real time πŸ–€

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  2. This is deep, relatable, and heartfelt. I appreciate you sharing this part of your soul and mind with a reader like me. It helps other feel not so alone when they realize they truly aren’t the only one. Keep writing because you have something deep.

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