An Honour

I’ve never met anyone else

Who could spin a tale like you

Who tied people in knots with laughter

Who turned the air so cheekily blue

You were a master of your trade

The likes of which there’ll only ever be one

I’ll never forget your stories

Even now you’re gone

You’ll always be my hero

And a treasure to many more

I hope one day we’ll meet again

My Glaswegian raconteur


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  1. Rebuttal.

    This is not a reflection of the author. Thank you in advance for suffering this silliness.

    Brother’s Campfire.

    “Oh really?” It was the Bard.

    Brother grabbed his shoulder but he pulled away.

    The Beast had never seen Galvin this way. Rage was more of his personality.

    A tinge of jealous electricity filled the Puking Peasant as the Bard stepped to the front.

    He looked to Mel, with the flower tattoo on her wrist. With a flourish he proclaimed,


    I’ve been charmed by one with words,
    oh so black and blue,

    At times it’s brought healing,
    the road easier with two.

    Acquainted with sorrow
    and dark flower accompany, 

    Encourage budding writer
    without charge or any fee

    But from the heart you do speak,
    not in broad dashes of pen,

    But in specific help you work,
    time and time again. 

    I would spin a tale of La Longi,
    now and then,

    With perhaps an anecdote or two,
    with my trusty pen. 

    A dessert in Glasgow, did eat,
    and giddy make you feel, 

    Good sense to warm near the Campfire,
    and eat a hearty meal.”

    Galvin the Bard stepped off the stage, for He secretly new he had been bested by the Glasgowian despite the cheers and clapping.

    He had won the night, and the crowd, but he had lost the girl.

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    1. Aw Brother!! 😁 😁
      This is the best!! 👍👍

      Made me laugh and cry in equal measure! I love The Bard’s kind words – thank you – and the use of ‘Glasgowian’ is a triumph!! 🤪

      But it’s the last line…that resonates on a level I didn’t even know I had.

      Thank you so much my friend

      (P. S These would be fab stitched together as one! 👍)

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