A Selfish Cunt

Call yourself a friend

When you left me here alone

When you couldn’t even be bothered

To visit or lift the phone

Call yourself a friend

When you all you did was make me frown

When you were only happy

If you were putting me down

Call yourself a friend

When you never gave me any advice

Well I know what I’d call you

And it isn’t very nice

41 thoughts on “A Selfish Cunt

    1. Far too many to mention, sadly.
      Although I’ll reserve this for one person in particular who I’ll probably never have the opportunity to confront.
      Hennce the vitriol was all channelled into that title πŸ–€πŸ–€

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  1. I know the feeling. My ex fiancΓ©e treated me like this. Although I’d call him worse things than a cunt after he did what he did to me

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          1. When you attempt to kill someone your just the bottom of the barrel of the lowest scum out there

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