If only I could ask you,
But I never should.

If only I could show you,
But I never would.

If only you could tell me,
But you never should.

If only you could love me,
But you never would.

(Originally Posted 20.04.2019)

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  1. Response with permission. My words do not reflect You Little Charmer.

    I grimace, I am now frosty,

    My love sincere was costly.

    I showed, I told, bestowed,

    Yet you in the garden, a hoe. 

    You played silly games, 

    Won silly prizes.

    When with your flames,

    Recognize this.

    My face relaxes

    Grimace overtaxes

    The higher we go 

    The further we fall

    But let’s get some paint

    And cover writing on wall.

    You hurt me, I live in the skids

    I forgive, water under the bridge. 

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    1. Brilliant!
      We really should put some of these call / responses as one onto your blog my friend – they are worth so much more than my comments section!! 👍👍🖤🖤


      1. Perhaps I will, Charmer. I am going to reboot soon. I think we will see Mel again!

        I appreciate you letting me write these on your blog.

        I will be honest, these are off the cuff and I have not saved them so in the comments they remain!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Well, they will remain here until such a time as you may want them my friend 👍

          You’re more welcome to write here anytime as you know – and I look forward to your reboot.

          Here’s hoping Mel lives up to her reputation when we see her next! 😉😁🖤


            1. Oooh, sounds interesting!!
              Will look forward to that 👍

              I just started an Instagram account for my poetry (out of boredom really) just at the weekend there, but no other media.

              I like to keep a low profile (!) where I can 😉🖤

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