The Faceless Female

She’s back again,
the little control freak,
whispering from my shoulder.

She never really goes away,
despite my efforts to brush her aside
or however much I grow older.

I’ve never once turned to look
at her whilst I try hard to
drown out her speech.

But I never forget
she’s there, berating me,
and bleeding me like a leech.

(Originally Posted 04.08.2019)

17 thoughts on “The Faceless Female

                1. I agree.
                  I suppose, for me at least, it’s difficult to get my head around as my writing is such a personal expression that taking a compliment on it means taking a compliment about myself. And I don’t do that. Ever 🖤

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  1. we all have our inner critic: I have one I call ‘that little guy inside my head’; I posted it about 16 months ago: it might be ready for another spin 🙂

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