It’s hard to explain what happens

When I’m standing alone up there

I’m just willing it all to end

To no longer have to care

I forget about everyone

And every little thing

It’s just me and the breeze

With the comfort it can bring

My mind is crystal clear

And I don’t hear a sound

As all of my focus is trained

On finally hitting the ground

22 thoughts on “Peace

  1. When you leap,
    you will fret, full of regret.
    I see blood and gore
    Of those tried and failed before.

    Working in a prison
    I have clear vison
    Of insane pain
    Hard to explain

    I am glad to have met you
    And with net I will catch you.

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  2. A sense of peace may come when we make up our mind on something. It maybe a short period, it does feel like relief. I always will other to choose light and pray for their own will to do the same. Lost of a life is like loosing a piece of me disregarding the relationship or closeness with the person. To me anyway. πŸ™

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  3. I totally understand the temptation of letting everything go when pain gets too much, but trust me – the world is far richer having you here with us. We’re here to catch you if ever you need us ❀

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