I Can’t Be Arsed

Is this all there is now

Just sitting here killing time

Waiting for the next one to come along

Getting stoned and drinking wine

You see I’d rather not bother

Wasting all this time and effort

I’d prefer to end it here and now

And all my earthly ties sever

17 thoughts on “I Can’t Be Arsed

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    1. Indeed…

      Most of the darkest thoughts and experiences are my own but I try never to post in real time – as in I would never post about suicide if I was actively still feeing that way at the time of posting.

      My aim is never to shock, however, I understand some of my posts can come across that way and, due to their somewhat sensitive and potentially triggering nature, are not for everyone.

      For me this is a safe, anonymous (as much as possible) space where I can express and explore these darker sides – something I struggle to do in real life at times πŸ–€πŸ–€


      1. Talking generally, one can write about any personal issue. It may be about someone you know, or someone you don’t know, or about a general collection of people.

        You can’t assume it is about the writer. It’s only when you put yourself as the person in the write it becomes autobiographical., as in ‘I am feeling depressed’ rather than ‘He/she/they are feeling depressed’.

        People I know have made this mistake resulting in inappropriate comments

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