Do you
ever wish
you could
give up?

Say right,
that’s it,
I’ve had

I’m done
with all
this fucking

I’m finally
with it!

that’s what
I think
every day

I find
those words
so easy
to say

And now,
it seems,
the demons
have won

For I can
say that I’m

18 thoughts on “Epitaph

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  1. Bleak, but I like the use of your words that take away the utter hopelessness of it. It’s a daily thing but it’s still a wish. Plus there’s that bit about the demons winning but it’s not concrete language, it only “seems” they have won.
    Hope you’re doing well, friend.

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  2. In the song Trampoline (I linked to it in a post) there are two lines that really pulled me in…

    When I dream of dying
    I’ve never felt so loved

    I wonder how many of us feel this way??? I know I do…

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