Love Lost

If I
to love

I ever

to me?


28 thoughts on “Love Lost

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        1. Aw, you’re really far too kind to me. I’m not great. I just ramble on flogging the dead horse that is my melancholic disposition.

          I can’t tell you how pleased I am you feel my writing is an inspiration to you at times though. I love that.


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  1. I mean, I wouldn’t 😂
    But that’s just because I have too much pride man. It’s like when my company let me go but then asked me to work one more week. I felt like I was being broken up with then asked to suck their cock. Shit was ridiculous yo.

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    1. Sounds like it!!

      What a nightmare! Some people (or employers) just have no shame! đŸ¤Ŧ

      And having pride is no bad thing. It’s helped me avoid many a sticky situation over time.

      Sadly, this poem reflects a situation I am powerless to change 😔🖤


  2. I think first of all we should love someone fully in the first place. How much was the love then if you could still “love them more”? Then if they still can’t return our love, they don’t deserve us!

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