Sown Up

I don’t feel better

I haven’t forgotten

I’ve just stopped telling you

How I feel

12 thoughts on “Sown Up

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  1. this hits differently, because i’ve got an anxiety disorder and it makes me feel like a hindrance when i tell others how i feel. because of that, i kinda shut everyone out, and they misinterpret it as a sign that i’m better. unfortunately, it ain’t like that and we all gotta suffer ✌️

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    1. Aw, thank you my friend.
      I am doing as OK as I can be.

      I know some of my darker peices can worry folks at times, but they are my way of working through these issues.
      Plus I’d never post self harm / suicide themed poems in real time.

      Thank you for checking in.
      You’re right – we should ask more

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