I wonder what you’ll all say,

When I finally go away.

I wonder what you’ll all think,

When off into the shadows I slink.

I wonder if you’ll all stop and stare,

When you finally realise I’m no longer there.

(Originally Posted 25.06.2019)

13 thoughts on “Finally

  1. Can you define shadows? Also, I’m not sure if I’d notice. I recently took like 6 months are barely doing anything on WordPress. But I’m sure I’d come back one day… say hey… where’s that little charmer? Besides you just started IG so might as well stick around and play with that….

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    1. Oh I noticed you’d gone – and I was chuffed to see you had returned! 😁

      Yeah, I joined IG for a bit of fun really. See what’s it’s all about.

      Glad to have you around on both fronts – shadows or otherwise 👍🖤


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